Looking in from the outside

When I look at the world of commerce it is interesting to see who is taking significant steps to embrace change particularly in the area of technology.

There are always divided opinions on all kind of issues within an industry. The KBB sector is no exception! In my view the KBB industry is in transition phase, more hesitant than most in embracing change! I am new to the industry having worked in the pharmaceutical and fitness industries for many years so my opinions are based on a limited exposure

Notwithstanding, the KBB industry does excite me; it has such diversity and variety, I have no doubt that it is going to continue to develop and grow and creating a wealth of creative products for the consumer. If every KBB business company embraces at least a modicum of change and embrace the new technologies in both promoting and running their business, good companies can become great companies!

Advertising, word of mouth, social media, the internet, software applications, email and showroom designs, are all essential tools in order to capture the audiences they need to become successful.

Time saving tools like email, software applications and social media enable businesses to reach out to those customers that will not be found down the high streets; the days of putting a sandwich board in front of the showroom are at an end. It is time to broaden the mind but at the same time not forgetting who you are as a company, keeping your identity and that personal touch.

Having worked in the KBB industry for only a few months now I have been finding out about how different companies operate, who is using social media and who is trying to stand out from the crowd. One of the big surprises for me personally, was the amount of companies still using excel spreadsheets and faxes on a daily basis. Current technology can offer a far better way rather than spending hours trawling through catalogues time and time again and manually entering information onto an excel spreadsheet before faxing orders through to suppliers?

I can understand this being the case if you have one supplier with only one range of product as excel can be a very useful tool, but when you have various suppliers with various ranges companies need to look at efficiency and time saving software.

I can’t actually remember the last time I used a fax to place an order in any industry I have worked in!

Fear of change is always present in any industry but having an open mind is vitally important. I am not saying change for change sake but I am saying that you should be willing to adapt to do so.

Don’t miss out; social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter  etc are great places to promote yourself, interact with your customers and others in your own industry, whilst creating new contacts on a daily basis. Embrace these as little or as much as you wish to suit your business needs.

Social media can change the way your business is perceived, there are so many opportunities to promote, interact and sell across the internet.

Are you at the crossroads or are you already going in the right direction?

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