About Smart Systems

Drawing upon years of experience in the KBB industry, our solutions and services give you the enhanced functionality you need to run your KBB business more efficiently, every day.

Smart Systems strive to push the boundaries – our focus is to deliver exceptional value by providing systems that save our customers time and money. By taking a partnership approach we help you to increase your productivity and profitability. We’re there for you when you need help too; our customers consistently rate our support service highly for responsiveness, availability, quality, experience and outcomes.

Why Choose Our Solutions?



Designed for KBB businesses, specifically to meet your needs based on our deep understanding of the industry



Efficient and powerful services that push the boundaries to improve communication and business effectiveness



At the centre of the industry we create solutions and services that bring brands, retailers, manufacturers and suppliers together



Continuous development and innovation in the KBB industry since 1999, and we continue to add valuable features and enhance our services



Passion for working in partnership with our customers and delivering services that help KBB businesses increase productivity and profitability


Dark Blue

Excellent support that our customers consistently rate highly for responsiveness, availability, quality, experience and outcomes



99.9% service uptime for reliable, fast and secure access to real-time pricelists, quotes, orders and management reports


To find out how we can help your business work faster and smarter
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Hundreds of companies in the KBB industry are already using solutions from Smart Systems to work faster and smarter. But don’t take our word for it! Read some of their feedback for yourself, then get in touch to learn how we could help you to increase effectiveness and profitability.

  • "Our partnership with KBBLink will significantly enhance the service we currently provide our valued, existing customer base. With Sensio’s product information now readily available, it is hoped that other retailers will also be interested in what we have offer."
    Micheal Linsky - Managing Director, Sensio UK Ltd
  • "I can only describe it as an invaluable business tool offering us accuracy, efficiency and overall control in one solution. Extremely versatile, SMART ensures the quotation and re-quotation process is simplified for maximum speed, making it ideal for the developer market."
    Rob Rosselli - Managing Director, Bathroom Elegance
  • “KBBSmart is very flexible and so well integrated with other packages, it has been very easy to use.”
    Faruk Hussein - Home Interiors of Leicester
  • "Liebherr looked to promote the brand through an authoritative voice within the kitchen market. Partnering with KBBLink enables promotion alongside competitors; designers can lookup products, saving time and help avoid expensive mistakes."
    Mark Bristow - Managing Director, Liebherr
  • "In my opinion the Smart Systems team are second to none; their response to requests is immediate, always keen to help and will remotely connect to my computer in an instant to demonstrate the answer to any queries we might have"
    Sean Cafferty- Owner, Atlantis Kitchens
  • "Smart Systems have made it easy for us to communicate with our retailers. KBBLink ensures that we are able to inform our retailers of the most up to date information regarding our products in a timely manner."
    Stephanie Matthews – Channel Manager, Kohler UK