KBBLink Features

Reach Retail, Effortlessly

Hundreds of KBB retailers and businesses use our KBBConnect and KBBSmart services every week.

Update Pricelists In Real-Time

Upload new prices and see them go live within moments, so your customers will always have up-to-the-minute data.

Promote New Products

Introduce new ranges and deliver accurate information that links related products and cross sale items.

Control Pricelists

Stream pricelists direct to authorised customers only, for your convenience and peace of mind.

Save Time And Money

Retailers create their quotes direct from your latest pricelists, so costly human error is minimised.

Receive Orders Directly

Receive electronic orders in your sales processing department for maximum efficiency.

Incredible Value

KBBLink is competitively priced, easy to use and fully secure.


To find out more about KBBLink either request information or contact us on 01923 919278.