KBBSmart is a bespoke solution that is also very easy to use, with intuitive screens and on-screen help. A new user can be up and running in a day.

To get the most from your unique implementation of KBBSmart – and how it works in your company – we highly recommend that all users take one of our short training programmes.

Our wide syllabus of training programmes are designed to meet the specific needs of your users regardless of their computer knowledge or experience.

Senior members of the Smart Systems team run the training sessions, as part of our commitment to service. Each has in-depth knowledge of the system and the many ways retailers and manufacturers use it.

‘Bytesize’ Web Sessions

Give your users the ability to choose their own training programme. Each ‘Bytesize’ 1 hour one-to-one training session, delivered online using Team Viewer remote access.

Web Training Seminars

Dedicated seminars delivered online using Team Viewer remote access. A course tailored precisely to your needs. We review your daily system use, how your company requires additional help and create a plan that is dedicated to you.

To find out more about training options, topics and how we can help you, please call us on 01923 919278.