SMART Workflow to improve profit

On Friday 14th January, 2000, Smart Systems kicked off the new millennium with the launch of the industry’s first and revolutionary integrated Business Process Management system developed specifically for KBB retailers.

Exactly 15 years on, SMART Systems will launch the first stage of a completely redeveloped suite of products and services featuring redesigned user interfaces and reengineered functionality harnessing the principles of Workflow.

To those that are unfamiliar with the concept, Workflow elevates the bar in the levels of efficiency in running businesses. This translates straight to the bottom line…. improved profit!
Traditionally, management systems and services are passive in that if you want to know anything about anything, a report has to be run and a manual action taken. Projects move forward in a very unrefined and labour intensive way.  The actions are all human driven.

Workflow is now best practice in industry at large and is much more proactive. Rather than having to run reports to pick up the issues in a particular part of the work, the system would typically bring these to the fore automatically.  Managers can still see everything that is ongoing, but their interface tends to be more of a dashboard, with only issues where things aren’t progressing properly are highlighted.

A workflow is thus an automated system that only involves human intervention when something that hasn’t happened appropriately.

“Typically our industry is driven by the creative talents of designers but the bottom line is influenced by how competently the business is run. Since the start, we have been in the vanguard of Business Process creativity, constantly improving our products and services to advance business efficiency to help owners maximize their profit.” Helen Dubery, Managing Director, Smart Systems.

Helen adds “This is a most significant period in the evolution of Smart Systems. The major investment we are making will help us increase our pre dominance in understanding and providing solutions to the business needs of our industry. In addition to being able to offer superior services to the UK market, both retail and corporate, our new platform will allow us to grow our non domestic markets that already include significant projects in the USA, China, Germany and Switzerland.”

Smart Systems is an independent company, dedicated to the development of Business Process Management solutions specifically for the KBB industry now with clients from across the whole spectrum of the industry. These include high street retailers, multiples, distributors and manufacturers globally.

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